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And his name will live on forever...

6 June

im taken by the most beautiful girl ever her name is presley

and thats about all i need to say cause i cant explain how much i love her so,,
000 more =), 12 stones, 3 days grace, 3 doors down, 69 eyes, a black rose burial, a fire inside, aerosmith, all american rejects, anti flag, as i lay dieing, atreyu, atrocity, audioslave, avenged sevenfold, beatsteaks, blindside, blue oyster cult, bob marley, bomb the system, bradley hawthaway, bullet for my valentine, children of bodom, chimaira, cky, clutch, d-a-d, danzig, days away, dead and divine, dear jane, deep purple, dropkick murphies, fall out boy, fireball ministry, flogging molly, foo fighters, forgive durden, franz ferdinand, goldfinger, grace gale, guns n roses, gym class heroes, h.i.m, hawk nelson, hawthorne heights, jimmy eat world, johnny cash, kane hodder, kill hannah, kj-52, kutless, led zeppelin, less than jake, lifehouse, lifetime, lost prophets, lustra, marigold, megadeath, metallica, misfits, modest mouse, mugshot, music!, mxpx, nazareth, negative, nin, nirvana, norma jean, oasis, october fall, p.o.d., panic at the disco, paramore..... and like 200, pillar, pink floyd, powerman 5000, project 86, punchline, rage against the machine, ramones, relient k, rise against white zombie, seether, sevendust, shinedown, silverstein, sleeper set sail, smack, sounds, static x, stixs, story of the year, sublime, suicide silence, switchfoot, system of a down, the a.k.a.s, the academy is, the datsuns, the doors, the exies, the hush sound, the sex pistols, the soap opera coma, the stick up, the who, thousand foot krutch, thrice, trapt, turbo negro, underoath, van halen, viking skull, weezer